GidroBak is The company, which was the first in Ukraine in 2011 to produce flexible reservoirs for liquids and is now the industry leader. View Certificates
This Innovation and an alternative to standard storage methods.
Specialty polymer fabrics , which have been certified and tested for durability and durability.
Individual solutions according to your goals. Our mission is to implement the project customer requests !
Wide The range of products and A democratic value without an import margin.
10 Years service life of reservoirs and pools
11211 Customers all over Ukraine
2433 Completed turn-key projects
8 Years of successful work of the company in the agricultural market
feedback from our customers
Storage of liquid fertilizers Storage of liquid fertilizers Reservoirs for fertilizers
16 . 05 . 2018
Flexibility of flexible tanks Flexibility of flexible tanks Buy or not buy a flexible tank? And what if it gets hurt?
16 . 05 . 2018
How to save on storage of fertilizers? How to save on storage of fertilizers? Let's compare iron tanks and flexible tanks
16 . 05 . 2018
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