Flexible fertilizers tanks

Flexible fertilizers tanks

Our flexible tanks are the optimal solution for storing liquid type fertilizers having different compositions.

They have a long service life of up to 10 years and are designed for temperatures from -30 to 70 ° C. In addition, the products are lightweight and convenient in size, quickly transported and installed in a new location, you can perform installation work several hundred times.

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  • Often the products are used for storage:
  • Integrated Liquid Fertilizers
  • Wastewater
  • Containers for CAS. Storage of carbamide-ammonium mixture (KAS-32, 28)
  • Liquid manure, manure, polluted water
Typical dimensions
20 m3
  • Weight, kg 67
  • Height in full state, m 1.2
  • Length m 6.3
  • Width, m 4.28
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50 m3
  • Weight, kg 121
  • Height in full state, m 1.45
  • Length m 8.56
  • Width, m 6.42
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100 m3
  • Weight, kg 240
  • Height in full state, m 1.5
  • Length m 10.3
  • Width, m 8.56
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300 m3
  • Weight, kg 640
  • Height in full state, m 1.6
  • Length m 18
  • Width, m 12.84
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Material characteristics:

High-strength polyester fabric with various coatings
Resistance to UV
Operating temperature range from -30 ° C to + 70 ° C
Tensile strength from 5000 N / 5 cm
Before shipment, all containers undergo strict quality control, and the strength and tightness of the joint is checked on special equipment. These containers are designed to store a large number of different liquids, restrictions are alcohol, gasoline and other self-inflammable elements.

Under the conditions of the correct use of products, we provide an annual guarantee for this group of goods.

What is included in the basic equipment:

  1. Pouring / bulk taps
  2. Air outlet
  3. Substrate under the tank
  4. Passport of the tank
  5. User's manual

For manufacturing, we use a modern high-strength material that is coated with PVC / TPU on both sides. This is done to strengthen the tightness and strength of the material.

How to install
Flexible fertilizers tanks
feedback from our customers
Small weight and compact dimensions in the folded state allow convenient storage of the tank after the season
Practical soft tanks are installed on all surfaces in the shortest time and easily move to another place
Wear-resistant special material withstands any temperatures, weather and mechanical influences
Convenient reservoirs for more than 10 years reliably preserve liquid fertilizers in difficult climatic conditions
Completed projects
  • Вкладыш
  • Вкладыш
  • Резервуар для КАС 75 м3
  • Емкости для КАС 75 м3
  • Парк для хранения КАС
  • Транспортная 20 м3
  • Трио.jpg
  • Лукбак для питьевой воды (РДВ 5000)
  • Транспортная емкость
  • Лукбак для питьевой воды (РДВ 5000)
  • Резервуар в защитном пологе
  • Пложарные мобильные емкости
  • Лукбак для питьевой воды (РДВ 5000)
  • ЛБ5.jpg
  • Бассейны для рыбы
  • ГГ4 лого.jpg
  • ГГ3 лого.jpg
  • ГГ2 лого.jpg
  • IMAG0986 лого.jpg
  • Газгольдер для биогаза
  • Балоны
  • Хранение ГСМ
  • Морозостойкость
  • Емкость для КАС 75 м3
  • Проверка на прочность
  • Парк для хранения КАС
  • Парк для КАС по 250 м3
  • Парк для КАС по 250 м3
  • Парк для КАС по 250 м3
  • Резервуар 100 м3
  • Парк для КАС по 250 м3
  • Парк по 250 м3
  • Емкость 100 м3
  • Резервуар для КАС 67 м3
  • Емкость для КАС 67 м3
  • Проверка на прочность
  • Парк для КАС по 100 м3
  • Лоток для малька
  • Транспортная 20 м3
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