Flexible fuel tanks

Flexible fuel tanks

We offer a wide range of modern tanks for petroleum products ranging from 1,000 to 100,000 liters.
In case you need the required capacity of other volumes or some other characteristics, we can produce products by individual order.

In addition, our products have such advantages:
Convenience of transportation: you can deliver the system to the place of its operation, even with the help of a car.
The possibility of quick preparation of the tank for draining.
No need to use special equipment when installing the unit, and also carry out work on the preparation of the site for technology.
Practically unlimited lifetime, as well as the ability to repeatedly mount the product.
Small size and weight of the container when folded.
All goods are certified. We provide 1 year warranty on the devices.


Flexible containers can be used for storage:

  • Petroleum products;
  • Temporary storage of transformer oil;
  • Working fluids;
  • Gasoline.

Need advice on choosing a system for fuel and lubricants? Contact our specialists at the phone number listed in the Contacts section and we will be happy to answer all your questions and select a technique that meets all your needs.

Typical dimensions
1 m3
  • Weight, kg 7
  • Height in full state, m 0.5
  • Length m 2.14
  • Width, m 1.7
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3 m3
  • Weight, kg 17
  • Height in full state, m 0.6
  • Length m 3.7
  • Width, m 2.14
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5 m3
  • Weight, kg 28
  • Height in full state, m 0.6
  • Length m 5.25
  • Width, m 2.14
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25 m3
  • Weight, kg 74
  • Height in full state, m 1.3
  • Length m 7
  • Width, m 4.25
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Material characteristics:
A modern environmentally friendly polymer (plastic), which has various coatings to give it additional strength.
Tensile strength from 5000 N / 5 cm.
Resistance to UV, corrosion, mechanical impact, and also abrasion.
Large temperature range from -30 ° C to + 70 ° C.

We control every stage of the creation of these systems which undergo a strict quality control before the final shipment, and all seams are additionally checked for accurate equipment. This eliminates the risk of leakage, which is especially important when working with fuels and lubricants.

What is included in the basic equipment:

  1. Air outlet
  2. Pouring / bulk taps
  3. Substrate under the container
  4. Passport products
  5. Instructions for use

All products are made of tested plastic, which has high strength and tightness.

How to install
Flexible fuel tanks
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No evaporation
Fast organization of mobile warehouse
High weather resistance
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