Flexible tanks for water (technical and drinking)
Flexible tanks for water (technical and drinking)

We are engaged in the production of flexible tanks for drinking and industrial water and we can offer a large selection of containers of different colors and volumes from 500 to 500 000 liters. In the event that the specified volume or some elements of the products are not available on the site, we can execute an individual order or supplement products with the necessary components.

Our flexible tanks are a truly innovative approach to transportation and reliable storage of liquids.

The price of the product is an order of magnitude lower than the prices for similar products made of plastic or metal. We provide an annual warranty for the product and are confident that you will be satisfied with the quality.
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  • Storage of drinking water, dishwashing water
  • Storage of fire water and technical fluid for domestic needs, cleaning and washing equipment
  • Organization of plant irrigation in greenhouses and gardens
  • Rainwater harvesting for irrigation

All tanks have a small weight and dimensions, so they are very convenient for transportation and can be installed on almost any surface.

Typical dimensions
1 m3
  • Weight, kg 7
  • Height in full state, m 0.5
  • Length m 2.14
  • Width, m 1.7
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10 m3
  • Weight, kg 53
  • Height in full state, m 0.9
  • Length m 5
  • Width, m 4.28
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25 m3
  • Weight, kg 74
  • Height in full state, m 1.3
  • Length m 7
  • Width, m 4.28
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150 m3
  • Weight, kg 342
  • Height in full state, m 1.6
  • Length m 14.4
  • Width, m 8.56
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Material characteristics:

Qualitative elastic fabric with a coating
Resistance to mechanical damage, corrosion and UV
Tensile strength from 5000 N / 5 cm
Operating temperature range from -30 ° C to + 70 ° C

Before the goods reach the consumer, all products undergo quality control. Particular attention is paid to the strength and tightness of the seam.

What is included in the basic equipment:

The basic equipment of our products includes:

  1. Air outlet
  2. Substrate under flexible reservoir
  3. Pouring / bulk taps
  4. Passport products
  5. User's manual
How to install
feedback from our customers
Low evaporation
Minimal risk of bacteria
High weather resistance
Easy, minimal maintenance
Completed projects
  • Вкладыш
  • Вкладыш
  • Резервуар для КАС 75 м3
  • Емкости для КАС 75 м3
  • Парк для хранения КАС
  • Транспортная 20 м3
  • Трио.jpg
  • Лукбак для питьевой воды (РДВ 5000)
  • Транспортная емкость
  • Лукбак для питьевой воды (РДВ 5000)
  • Резервуар в защитном пологе
  • Пложарные мобильные емкости
  • Лукбак для питьевой воды (РДВ 5000)
  • Бассейны для рыбы
  • ЛБ5.jpg
  • ГГ4 лого.jpg
  • ГГ3 лого.jpg
  • ГГ2 лого.jpg
  • IMAG0986 лого.jpg
  • Газгольдер для биогаза
  • Балоны
  • Хранение ГСМ
  • Морозостойкость
  • Емкость для КАС 75 м3
  • Проверка на прочность
  • Парк для хранения КАС
  • Парк для КАС по 250 м3
  • Парк для КАС по 250 м3
  • Парк для КАС по 250 м3
  • Резервуар 100 м3
  • Парк для КАС по 250 м3
  • Парк по 250 м3
  • Емкость 100 м3
  • Резервуар для КАС 67 м3
  • Проверка на прочность
  • Емкость для КАС 67 м3
  • Парк для КАС по 100 м3
  • Лоток для малька
  • Транспортная 20 м3
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