We offer solid garden containers that are suitable for storing technical fluid and water from wells, as well as for collecting rainwater.

Our products are characterized by a simple and quick installation which does not require special skills for installation. Thanks to this you can place the tank on any flat surface.

Still have questions? Call us at the phone number indicated in the Contacts section and we will help you choose the capacity that will make your stay at the cottage or in the garden much easier and more comfortable.


  • Serves as a storage tank in the country.
  • Used for washing dishes, vegetables and for hygienic purposes.
  • It is used for storage of technical water necessary for cleaning, as well as washing equipment and other equipment.
  • It serves to store water for irrigation, and also is necessary for the organization of irrigation of plants.
Typical dimensions
100 l
  • Height, m 0.65
  • Diameter, m 0.5
  • Number of poles 4
  • Weight, kg 2
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500 l
  • Height, m 1
  • Diameter, m 0,8
  • Number of poles 5
  • Weight, kg 4
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1000 l
  • Height, m 1
  • Diameter, m 1,15
  • Number of poles 6
  • Weight, kg 6
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2500 l
  • Height, m 1,15
  • Diameter, m 1,7
  • Number of poles 12
  • Weight, kg 12
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Our products have a number of advantages over other installations of this type - that is why customers choose garden capacities HydroBac:

  • Compactness

All products have a small weight and convenient dimensions. They are easy to transport and install in a new location.

  • Economical

We offer affordable prices for the entire range, which is an order of magnitude lower than the cost of similar products made of metal or plastic.

  • Security

We provided for an easy assembly of the tank after the end of the previous season, when it was put away for storage in a safe place.

What is included in the basic equipment:

Another plus of such containers is their durability. To do this, all products:

  1. Made of special strong PVC fabric;
  2. Resistant to temperature changes and UV radiation;
  3. Do not lose their original characteristics due to bad weather conditions;
  4. Not subject to mechanical deformation, burning or corrosion.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our tanks and give 1 year warranty for this product.

Garden tanks
feedback from our customers
Compactness when folded
Light weight
High resistance to UV and temperature changes
Completed projects
  • Вкладыш
  • Вкладыш
  • Резервуар для КАС 75 м3
  • Емкости для КАС 75 м3
  • Парк для хранения КАС
  • Транспортная 20 м3
  • Трио.jpg
  • Лукбак для питьевой воды (РДВ 5000)
  • Транспортная емкость
  • Лукбак для питьевой воды (РДВ 5000)
  • Резервуар в защитном пологе
  • Пложарные мобильные емкости
  • Лукбак для питьевой воды (РДВ 5000)
  • ЛБ5.jpg
  • Бассейны для рыбы
  • ГГ4 лого.jpg
  • ГГ3 лого.jpg
  • ГГ2 лого.jpg
  • IMAG0986 лого.jpg
  • Газгольдер для биогаза
  • Балоны
  • Хранение ГСМ
  • Морозостойкость
  • Емкость для КАС 75 м3
  • Проверка на прочность
  • Парк для хранения КАС
  • Парк для КАС по 250 м3
  • Парк для КАС по 250 м3
  • Парк для КАС по 250 м3
  • Резервуар 100 м3
  • Парк для КАС по 250 м3
  • Парк по 250 м3
  • Емкость 100 м3
  • Резервуар для КАС 67 м3
  • Емкость для КАС 67 м3
  • Проверка на прочность
  • Парк для КАС по 100 м3
  • Лоток для малька
  • Транспортная 20 м3
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