Our open onion tank - an excellent choice for temporary storage of various liquids in a situation where an operational installation of such equipment is required.

Like other flexible tanks of our company, these products have a long service life - up to 10 years, light weight and dimensions, as well as increased resistance to temperature changes from -30 to 70 ° C, which is achieved through the use of high-quality durable material.
For the production of the container, we use a special PVC / TPU material, characterized by high levels of tightness and reliability.

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This type of open container has a wide range of applications and is used for:

  • Short-term storage of liquid, which is needed for repair, as well as those for servicing other containers (pools, ponds and tanks).
  • Utilization of sewage, as well as water backup storage, which is needed for fire protection.
  • Temporary containment of various fluids (from wastewater to chemical and oil spills).
  • Preservation of clean water for drinking before its further spread.

In addition, the equipment can be used as a buffer stock for construction sites and industry.

Typical dimensions
1 m3
  • Height, m 0.6
  • Diameter of the base, m 1.7
  • Throat diameter, m 1.2
  • Weight, kg 7.9
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5 m3
  • Height, m 1
  • Diameter of the base, m 3.2
  • Throat diameter, m 2
  • Weight, kg 19.9
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10 m3
  • Height, m 1.1
  • Diameter of the base, m 4.1
  • Throat diameter, m 3
  • Weight, kg 29.3
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20 m3
  • Height, m 1.2
  • Diameter of the base, m 5.3
  • Throat diameter, m 3.9
  • Weight, kg 43.9
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Material characteristics:

High-strength material with different coatings
UV Protection
Tensile strength from 5000 N / 5 cm
Extensive operating temperature range from -30 ° C to + 70 ° C

What is included in the basic equipment:

Before the shipment of the goods occurs, all products are tested, so that it is possible to identify the faults in time and eliminate them. We strictly follow the tightness of the seam and check this factor on special equipment.

Onion tank
feedback from our customers
Compactness when folded
Light weight
High resistance to UV and temperature changes
Completed projects
  • Вкладыш
  • Вкладыш
  • Резервуар для КАС 75 м3
  • Емкости для КАС 75 м3
  • Парк для хранения КАС
  • Транспортная 20 м3
  • Трио.jpg
  • Лукбак для питьевой воды (РДВ 5000)
  • Транспортная емкость
  • Лукбак для питьевой воды (РДВ 5000)
  • Резервуар в защитном пологе
  • Пложарные мобильные емкости
  • Лукбак для питьевой воды (РДВ 5000)
  • ЛБ5.jpg
  • Бассейны для рыбы
  • ГГ4 лого.jpg
  • ГГ3 лого.jpg
  • ГГ2 лого.jpg
  • IMAG0986 лого.jpg
  • Газгольдер для биогаза
  • Балоны
  • Хранение ГСМ
  • Морозостойкость
  • Емкость для КАС 75 м3
  • Проверка на прочность
  • Парк для хранения КАС
  • Парк для КАС по 250 м3
  • Парк для КАС по 250 м3
  • Парк для КАС по 250 м3
  • Резервуар 100 м3
  • Парк для КАС по 250 м3
  • Парк по 250 м3
  • Емкость 100 м3
  • Резервуар для КАС 67 м3
  • Емкость для КАС 67 м3
  • Проверка на прочность
  • Парк для КАС по 100 м3
  • Лоток для малька
  • Транспортная 20 м3
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