In the assortment of our site you will find quality pools for growing fish, which are designed for a volume of 3 to 20 m3.
Our artificial ponds are suitable for growing small and large fish, and a special fabric is able to withstand even a large volume of water.

All types of flexible tanks of this type are made of special material, designed for long-term operation and creating the most favorable conditions for growing aquaculture.

Need professional advice on choosing swimming pools for fish? Call us at the phone number indicated in the Contacts section and our specialists will be happy to help you find a suitable tank, and, if necessary, complete your order with all necessary components.


Flexible pools have several applications. They can be used for:

  • Cultivation of fish;
  • Waste water storage;
  • Storage of drinking and non-drinking water;
  • Serve as a storage tank.
Typical dimensions

Material characteristics:

A modern environmentally friendly fabric with a coating that makes it even more reliable and wear-resistant.
Tensile strength from 5000 N / 5 cm.
Resistance to UV radiation.

The material used to create the container is not susceptible to temperature changes, various weather conditions, and also to mechanical deformations.

To offer you the highest possible result, we follow each stage of development of these reservoirs, and also carefully test the seams so that you can be completely sure of their tightness.

What is included in the basic equipment:

Our pools are a popular choice among farmers, and that's why:

  1. The products are lightweight, easy to transport and easy to install on any flat surface.
  2. Our systems with closed water supply are designed in such a way that purification from pollution is as convenient as possible.
  3. Another plus of reservoirs is the uniform distribution of oxygen, which positively affects the results of breeding.
  4. Tanks are designed both for breeding juveniles, and for healthy maintenance of adult fish.
  5. The price of the products is an order of magnitude lower than the cost of similar goods made of metal or plastic.
Pools for fish
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Growing fish in a year
Possibility of accommodation in different places
Independence from external factors
Control of fish disease
Completed projects
  • Вкладыш
  • Вкладыш
  • Резервуар для КАС 75 м3
  • Емкости для КАС 75 м3
  • Парк для хранения КАС
  • Транспортная 20 м3
  • Трио.jpg
  • Лукбак для питьевой воды (РДВ 5000)
  • Транспортная емкость
  • Лукбак для питьевой воды (РДВ 5000)
  • Резервуар в защитном пологе
  • Пложарные мобильные емкости
  • Лукбак для питьевой воды (РДВ 5000)
  • ЛБ5.jpg
  • Бассейны для рыбы
  • ГГ4 лого.jpg
  • ГГ3 лого.jpg
  • ГГ2 лого.jpg
  • IMAG0986 лого.jpg
  • Газгольдер для биогаза
  • Балоны
  • Хранение ГСМ
  • Морозостойкость
  • Емкость для КАС 75 м3
  • Проверка на прочность
  • Парк для хранения КАС
  • Парк для КАС по 250 м3
  • Парк для КАС по 250 м3
  • Парк для КАС по 250 м3
  • Резервуар 100 м3
  • Парк для КАС по 250 м3
  • Парк по 250 м3
  • Емкость 100 м3
  • Резервуар для КАС 67 м3
  • Емкость для КАС 67 м3
  • Проверка на прочность
  • Парк для КАС по 100 м3
  • Лоток для малька
  • Транспортная 20 м3
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