Storage of liquid fertilizers Reservoirs for fertilizers 16.05.2018
Storage of liquid fertilizers

Tank parks are a complex of containers of various types for the convenience of accounting, storage, accumulation and mixing of liquid products (oil, water, mineral fertilizers) and uninterrupted, safe and automated activities of the entire system. The technological operation of the farm also ensures the availability of a reserve of mineral fertilizers.
From the decision to be independent or participate in a share with industrial sectors, bases, private enterprises, the activity of tank farms for storing and replenishing fertilizers depends. Parks and tanks are divided into categories: for storage and for pumping.
We offer for your successful operation the installation of a tank farm for liquid mineral fertilizers with a volume of 1000 m3 per turnkey. GidroBak's ground tanks are manufactured from high-quality and durable European materials manufactured in Germany. The 1000 m3 GidroBak reservoir consists of 4 tanks with 250 m3 each, 4 protective canopies with a backing, registration equipment and motor vehicles for recirculation and pumping, quick-release couplings (camlock), stop valves, straps, 2 heaters from the sun.
Other equipment of the park is possible.

The main advantages of flexible tanks are:
- mobility
- resistance to corrosion
- resistance to aggressive environment
- resistance to UV radiation
- durability (service life is more than 15 years)
- price
- Simplicity in installation / dismantling (there are no remediation and construction works)

The parameters of the tank farms depend on:

• Destination, categories and volume of parks
• device diagrams
• the operational period
• geographical location

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