How to save on storage of fertilizers?

How to save on storage of fertilizers?

Let's compare iron tanks and flexible tanks
How to save on storage of fertilizers?

High results in any business are achieved in our age with the help of innovative technologies that increase the competitiveness and efficiency of the business. Time moves forward and we must keep pace with it, clearly realizing the goals of our actions and introducing new opportunities offered by progressive companies, such as Gidrobak.

Undoubtedly, the old reliable metal cisterns firmly sit in the mind as the most solid, but if you look with your eyes wide open, change your angle of view and penetrate into new developments, then, unexpectedly, you can drastically change your established opinion.

Let's take a closer look at the elastic tank of reinforced polymer fabric and compare the advantages and disadvantages with a metal colleague. A metal cistern and a flexible tank serve the same purposes: storage and transportation of water, fuel, liquid fertilizers (CAS, ammonia water, housing and communal services). The scale of the tank, of course, is impressive and does not give doubts about the protection of the liquid that is in it. But! Compact in the folded form, the tank for the KAS-32 can "swell up" to unprecedented dimensions and store the liquid for a long time. And now let us recall the corrosion of metal. This process significantly reduces the service life of the tank, especially if it is not just water, but fertilizers. So 1: 0 in favor of a flexible reservoir for the CAS. Further, an important point - the cost of an elastic tank is much cheaper than a tank. 2: 0. As for transportation, it is necessary for the tanker to hire freight transport with additional costs, and the tank will be delivered by any courier service. 3: 0. To install the tank you need working and time, and for a flexible tank a couple of people and 15 minutes of time. 4: 0. And most importantly, for what we, in fact, buy a storage tank, for example, liquid mineral fertilizers for a year in a metal cistern will make it unusable. And these are costs and unfulfilled tasks. The reservoir HydroBak is resistant to aggressive environments. And thus, the company-manufacturer gives a guarantee from 1 year.

Let's sum up. To effectively solve many problems, innovative solutions are needed. Flexible reservoirs for liquids, without exaggeration, will give new life to industry and agriculture.

Let's recall the advantages of flexible tanks:

  • adequate cost
  • transportability
  • easy installation
  • resistant to aggressive environments

If you still have doubts, call and our professionals will tell you in detail about the tanks produced and will help to solve your problems and achieve results at the modern level.


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