Payment and delivery

Having decided with a choice, you can place an order through a site, a chat or by phone.
1 Order

Order through the website or by phone
We will clarify the important details when confirming the order and warn about important points of installation and operation.
Sign the contract

2 Payment
In cash The easiest way to pay for a purchase is in cash. As a rule, payment is made upon the fact of delivery of the order for the object, or when the order is received at the office of the company (Dnepr).
Bank transaction After placing an order, we will send you an account-agreement to your e-mail address, which can be paid through the Internet bank or at the bank itself.
Card Вы можете оплатить заказ картой Visa Classic или MasterCard. Оплату можно сделать на месте при получении товара или через сайт.
We work according to the scheme 1-й version: 100 % prepayment, shipping. 2-й version: 50% prepayment, production, 50% (settlement) before shipment.
3 Production

Making containers for your needs
The shortest possible time
Quality control before shipment

4 Ways of delivery


Our address: Dnepr

Courier services

5 Warranty & Returns

If the item is defective

Take pictures of the damage. Describe the problem in the letter, attach photos to it.

Defective goods?
6 Buy offline

Office in the city of Dnepr

Operating time: Mon. - Fri .: 08:00 - 18:00, Sat. - Sun: closed

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